Computer Ephemeris

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The Computer Ephemeris is planned to be a regular electronic publication for scientists and amatheurs. Now the ephemeris for 2018, 2019 and 2020 are presented. All calculations were done with the DE200/LE200 as a fundamental ephemeris. For amateur reasons DE200 is still absolutely sufficient.

Content of the Computer Ephemeris is the same as content of Soviet Astronomical Almanac (Ezhegodnik), but fully original algorithms and computer methods of calculations were used.

Your requests for Computer Ephemeris for years before 2018 and your comments on its contents please direct to the author

Some of our previously presented ephemeris' pages or those made upon visitors requests are collected in our archive. All of them are ZIPped (version 7.0) and may be downloaded after letter of request.

If you use information from these pages, please make reference on article
The Computer Version of Astronomical Ephemeris, by Choliy V.Ya.,
Kinematics and physics of celestial bodies, 1998, v.14, n.2, pp.189-191.

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